On the longest beach of the Mediterranean!!!


The beach ‘Kaiafas” is situated in the Kiparissiakos Gulf.

The longest Mediterranean beach. The ideal destination for those who love to swim along an endless sandy beach.

Five days of being on the beach and on vacation with great company and never ending music.

Take your swimming suit, take your camping tent.



The biggest Beach Party in the World!!!


Both the beach and the bottom of the sea are sandy. The coastal zone is partially modified due to the existence of wooden corridors and wooden platforms in order to place tables and chairs.

At the end of the coast there are some buildings and an area with grass. One part of this area is used for parking purposes.

The sea is shallow at the first meters and gently gets deeper. (in a distance of 220 meters from the coast the depth approaches 5 meters).

You may access the beach via the road network of Kalamata - Pyrgos

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