The unique “Music Village” in all over the world.


The ideal destination for vacation in nature, on an endless sandy beach.

The area’s facilities ensure the smooth operation of MYTHODY FESTIVAL 24 hours a day, as they meet the international safety and health standards, applicable to such events.

Five days of being on the beach and on vacation with great company and never ending music.

The Music Village

The ideal destination for vacation in nature, on an endless sandy beach.


Staying at the Music Village


The visitors, who wish to stay in the area of the Music Village, shall use their own tents.

The Music Village is the ideal destination for vacationing in nature on an endless sandy beach.

There are also a lot of places that someone may visit around the "Music Village". There are many archaeological sites where you can experience the heritage of our country.

The Campers and visitors may leave their vehicles in the guarded parking area, while the entrance in the area of the Festival, will be controlled, as each visitor will have his/her own special bracelet  proving his identity and the time of his entrance in the area. 

Three music stages, camping area, hygiene, dining and entertainment areas are included in the Festival area next to the Kiparissiakos Gulf.

Dining Areas


Dining areas are open 24 hours a day during the Festival. At the same time, campers may find supplies at the mini-market located inside the area.

Special chefs take care of the participants’ daily diet providing them with various dishes. Of course, participants are given the option to visit the restaurants around the festival area.

Depending on the number of visitors, additional "Service" points will be created, so that the service will be immediate and of high quality.

The prices for food, soft and alcoholic drinks prices are very affordable.

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